To bring high-quality work, communication, trust, care for the environment, and fair prices to the relationship that you have with your mechanic.

Eli has been an independent mechanic here in Lancaster since 2016, a professional mechanic since 2011, and repairing his own vehicles since he could drive. He has been building and fixing things for as long as he can remember.


  • Minor maintenance to major repairs – I perform large and small jobs from oil changes and brakes to head gaskets and engine replacements.
  • Diagnostics – I have ample diagnostic experience, and some equipment. Although certain diagnostics are beyond my capabilities at this point, I am working to obtain more equipment.
  • PA safety and emissions inspections – I complete my inspections through a nearby licensed inspection station I work closely with. If your car may need work in order to pass inspection, or has failed inspection somewhere else, contact me to make an appointment. In contrast, if your car is ready to pass inspection feel free to contact me for a recommendation to another shop.
  • Tires – I can rotate and plug tires. I do not currently have the equipment to provide new tires and alignments.

At this time, Eli The Mechanic is accepting cash, check, Paypal, and Venmo payments.